High on Books!!!

Haha, yeah I kinda am 📚😻 I can’t stop reading, and the experience has gotten way more exciting. I don’t know if that makes sense 🙈

I rearranged my books a few days ago. I now have a beautiful display and the feeling is Love & so much more 😊. I wake up at the sight of books and what more could I ask for!

Just for clarity – this is not how they’re arranged. This messy stack is just one of my favorite pictures.

I enjoyed reading as a kid, mostly science books but it grew to include different genres. Something that started with a kid trying to know more about the universe and dinosaurs has evolved to fantasy, science fiction, general fiction and so many more. These are my favorite but I do read books from all genres. It is fun exploring new topics and finding new authors, and mixing genres can sometimes also act as a cleansing palate. It’s a fun experience 😻

Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings series are my gems! ❤️

My binge reading started with Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown and Erich Segal. But recently, it’s grown to include many new and renowned authors and fun series. 2021 and 2022 have been exciting, let’s hope the streak goes on!

I read A Man Called Ove last year, I loved it so much that I started reading all the books by Fredrik Backman. He is now one of my auto buy authors. That was a happy surprise, and an encouragement to explore more books and authors. I read The Sun is also a Star recently and it was fun! So much that I’ve already got Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon lined p in my reading list. Don’t even get me started on Dark Matter, it is one of my top reads of the year. Loved it! I’ve also come across books that are peaceful, The House on the Cerulean Sea was a peaceful as well as fun read. I think I’m into the concept of cozy reads. More on that later 😉

Such experiences are priceless!

I enjoy talking about books, authors and various other topics. I look forward to sharing fun reviews and some engaging chats! Stay tuned for more on my book experiences and random thoughts 😊

Do you enjoy reading? Are any of the above mentioned books and authors your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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