The Reader

I met him between my open books and his closed curtains

The world shutting out and our story unfolding in

His deep breaths in my skin as I flipped through the pages,

his lips making way through the dark secrets hid every word.

Engulfed in the ease of his touch,

his attempts to fathom the enigma, buried deep within the volumes of fiction.

His warmth taking over the cold barricades,

exploring the rhymes of the muse.

I was drowning in the pool of desire, loosing myself in his tune.

He found his heart in my scribbled sheets, inked with my tales.

Nothing is as soothing as Love.

19 thoughts on “The Reader

  1. I love how you make the emotions shine out in the words, your don’t just read how your feel, your feel the feelings. Well written ☺️

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